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CONTEST OVER [BD Contest] ‘Silver Circle’ Graphic Novel Sweepstakes



The indie animated feature film Silver Circle kicks off its national theatrical tour in New York on March 22, following its screenings on the Comicon Circuit. The creators have put together an original graphic novel tying into the universe of the film. “Silver Circle” throws back to a 50’s retro style animation to deliver a dystopian vision of America controlled by an all-powerful Federal Reserve.

We’ve got 5 copies of the graphic novel to giveaway, all you have to do is hit the jump and write ANYTHING in the comments and you will be automatically entered to win. See all contest rules below.

1. You head to the comments section and write anything to automatically be entered into the contest.

2. You can enter as many times as you like and submit as many ideas as you want, but each caption must be in a separate comment. Otherwise it will be too hard to tell where one caption ends and the other begins. Your entries can be posted anytime after the still is announced – just be sure to check that I haven’t announced that the contest is closed in the comments. Also any racist, sexist, homophobic or generally hateful jokes will be disqualified. You don’t have to be insanely PC – just use your best judgement. Try and keep it brief!

3. We pick the winners at random and announce them soon. We will address you by your BD Infected name. You can then DM me your US mailing address (no PO boxes) and we will arrange for the publisher to send you your prize. You must be a US resident to receive your prize!

Prize: Five copies available of “Silver Circle” graphic novel for the best two comments.

SILVER CIRCLE focuses on a group of Underground Rebels led by the charismatic Zoe Taylor (played by Philana Mia). Under Zoe’s leadership, the Rebels out-maneuver the oppressive Federal Reserve while creating a guerrilla currency based on silver. Following a HouStab (Dept. of Housing Stability) protest where a member of the Rebels is shot and killed, Zoe confronts straight-laced federal agent Jay Nelson (played by De’Lon Grant). While helplessly falling for the strident and beautiful rebel leader, he eventually begins to question his own allegiance to the Fed. Ultimately Jay must decide whether to remain loyal to the Fed or join forces with Zoe and the rebels to create a powerful strike against tyranny.