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Spoilers!!! About That Alternate Ending For The ‘Evil Dead’!



Okay, now that we’ve all had a chance to see FilmDistrict and TriStar’s Evil Dead remake (and stop reading now if you haven’t) – perhaps we should discuss this piece from a few weeks back.

You see that image above? And how it wasn’t in the movie? Well it ties into that piece. There WAS an alternate ending shot, but it didn’t play out exactly the way our source indicated. Therefore – and we’re big boys so we can admit this – the denial that Bruce Campbell issued was actually technically correct.

But there WAS something else. Head inside for more…

Alright – so you may remember the scene as described by our reader Scorpionsy (who was going off of a source he spoke to). “I was told that there was a scene for post-credits where they shot Bruce Campbell in the Ash role but of course he is older (trying to integrate him into this remake’s timeline for future possible cross over),” the reader explained to us. “The surviving member of the group is walking down a road (all covered in blood from the final scene in the movie) and suddenly a truck (with the word “S-Mart” printed on the side of the truck’s container unit) drives up the road and stops by the survivor. Then the window roles down and we see none other than Ash (Ashley Williams…Bruce Campbell)…the hero and survivor from the original Evil Dead trilogy. He asks the survivor if everyting is OK and if any help was needed. Then the Survivor looks at Ash and turns again into a Deadite (gets possessed again)….then we see Ash with the camera zoomed in a close-up on his face as he says: “Groovy!” (one of his famous catchphrases from Evil Dead 2/Army of Darkness…you fans know what I am talking about) and we fade to black… I was so excited and shocked when I heard this little golden nugget by the insider. Then the person goes on to tell me that they shot the whole scene but when Sam Raimi/Bruce Campbell watched it they decided it was out of place (for now).

At the time I said, “I can confirm that, in the draft of the script I read, there is a scene that is similar to this – but NOT EXACTLY like it. Still, this all falls in line with stuff I’ve heard.

And then you’ll recall that Bruce Campbell issued the following tweet.

Well it turns out the indeed a scene was shot. And in fact – it’s pretty much EXACTLY the same as the earlier intended post credits scene I was referencing in my above quote/caveat. Right after what we see in the film ends, Mia makes it out to the road. She’s exhausted and covered in blood. She passes out. A truck with a farmer (“Billy Bob”) and his wife happen upon her and they help her into the truck. She’s in the backseat, dazed as they’re headed to the hospital. Just as the farmer is explaining that she’ll be ok – BOOM! She opens her eyes. She’s a deadite, she smiles and the film cuts to black.

So it turns out they shot the ending post-credits scene as originally intended. No Bruce (who was in Florida shooting “Burn Notice” at the time). This has been confirmed by our source (not a reader’s source) – not to mention by the photo in the header. Footage of which you can see in various TV Spots.

Hopefully we’ll see this scene on a jam-packed Blu-ray for Evil Dead this summer!