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Graphics Are 60 Percent Of Game, According To Crytek CEO



Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli said something in a recent interview with X360 magazine that I found very interesting. According to Yerli, visuals are the most important part of a game, or at least his studio’s games. They make up 60% of it, if you’d like to get specific. Yerli told X360 “The better the graphics, the better the physics, the better the sound design, the better the technical assets and production values are-paired with the art direction, making things look spectacular and stylistic is 60 percent of the game.”

For the unfamiliar, Crytek is the studio behind Crysis, the franchise that strikes fear into many a PC gamer. It should come as no surprise that Yerli puts quite a bit of importance into visuals. It also brings up a question I wanted to ask all of you. What do you consider most important in your video games? Story, gameplay, or graphics? Vote after the break, and feel free to expand on your opinion in the comments!

What’s The Most Important Aspect Of A Game?

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