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The First Of DC ‘Villain’s Month’ Titles Announced!



DC is planning for “Villain’s Month” in September, where your favorite baddies will be taking over some of the most popular titles. Basically, the DC New 52 books are changing their titles to reflect the name of the bvillain who stars in that issue. Bleeding Cool reports that the villains so far include The Riddler, The Ventriloquist, The Prankster, and Black Manta. See all the details below and prepare for the reign of villains.

“The Riddler” #1 is replacing “Batman” in September.

“The Ventriloquist” #1 is apparently taking over “Batgirl”, but that is subject to change.

“The Prankster” #1 is taking over “Nightwing”, but that’s also subject to change.

And finally, “Aquaman” will be taken over by “Black Manta” #1.

These seem to be the more obvious villains, but DC has promised that they will be brining in some more obscure villains that have been missing since the New 52.