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5 Underrated Horror Movies!!!



Time heals all things. For me, this rings especially true of film criticism and the public’s assessment of a film’s quality. When John Carpenter’s The Thing was released in 1982, it was rejected by audiences and critics alike. Meanwhile, MGM’s remake of The Amityville Horror grossed well over $100M worldwide upon its release in 2005. Who has even seen that movie in the past 7 years?

To that end, there are a few films whose legacies and merit I feel deserve some modicum of reconsideration. I’m not saying I’ve picked 5 movies that are secretly The Thing level of quality – none of them are THAT good. But I still think that these are deserving films that got short shrift. They’re the epitome of “underrated.”

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I flat out love this movie. It’s not perfect, but it’s stock full of fully realized characters, laughs and scares. Amanda Seyfried is perfect as Needy – but Megan Fox, Johnny Simmons and Adam Brody turn in some great work as well. Jennifer’s Body is also surprisingly successful when it comes to developing and exploring its themes of beauty, youth and – most importantly – relationship dynamics. It’s a sexy horror film about people who need each other more than they think they do (for reasons they don’t fully understand). Plus, “Throuuggghhhhh The Trrrrreeeeeesssssss!


I wrote at length about this one a little over a year ago. Now, of course I didn’t expect my piece to change the world or anything. But a year later I still think about how much I enjoyed watching that movie again, I mean it’s f*cking great! I know that there are certainly people out there who recognize its legitimacy as a good piece of entertainment, but they’re not loud enough. I want this Fred Walton masterpiece mentioned in the same breaths as, at the very least, stuff like Sleepaway Camp and Maniac Cop. Not that it has much to do with those films, it’s just weird that they’re not even as good as this one and somehow get more love.

April Fool’s Day is a better movie (all around) than the original Friday The 13th. There, I said it.


This one got re-issued on Blu a few years back and in the process got a little bit of mainstream coverage that I thought would propel it into people’s consciousness more, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. This is an unrelentingly fun movie with a great performance by Tom Atkins. It’s also surprisingly brutal, there’s one character with a built in sympathy card that you’re pretty sure they won’t let die – but they go for it anyway.


Not only is Hostel Part 2 Eli Roth’s best film to date, it’s a d*mn good movie in general that was unfairly overlooked upon its summer 2007 release. Ditching the charming humor of Cabin Fever (and even some of the goofier stuff from the beginning of the first Hostel), the film makes the fascinating choice to follow the antagonists parallel to its (mostly) doomed female protagonists. You get to see what makes the members of the Elite Hunting Club tick. It’s also gorgeously photographed. It’s this kind of film-to-film evolution (not counting “Hemlock Grove”) as a director that has me excited for Roth’s return to the helmet’s chair in The Green Inferno.


Is this John Landis outing anywhere near as good as An American Werewolf In London? Hell no. But it’s still a strikingly unique look at Mob life told through the lens of Anne Parillaud’s vampire Marie. Innocent Blood has style, laughs and… blood to spare. Just as important? It has Don Rickles in vampire sclera lenses. That’s reason enough.