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Louna Release ‘Oz’ Themed Video For “Business”



Russian rockers Louna have released a heavily loaded video for “Business”. Based heavily upon the Wizard Of Oz mythos, the video takes the militaristically atheistic lyrics and combines them with politically charged imagery. In the video, two warring factions of munchkins use any means to kill one another, including bombs, balloon explosives, and suicide vests. Meanwhile, the Wizard watches over as a mask, no expression present as senseless slaughter after senseless slaughter is committed.

In a band declaration, Louna states, “Louna would like to welcome you to our vision of the world. The message of the song and the video will likely encounter two types of viewers: those who will embrace it and those who will despise it. Probably no one will be able to watch it and listen to the song and have no opinion one way or the other. The message of the song and the video is a sensitive one, and everyone in Louna realizes the real possibility of some cultures in the world declaring holy war against us, and others will denounce it as atheist propaganda. While it is true that we in Louna are all atheists, the message of our song and video is nonetheless undeniable and illustrates the chaos and death that result from religious conflict. Our priorities are people, peace, truth and freedom. We are demonstrating the truth and saying what so many in the world think but are too afraid to articulate. We will not be silenced by intimidation or fear.

You can watch the video below.

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