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Prepare To Be Drunkenly Maimed By GWAR’s ‘Impaled Ale’



Scumdogs of the Universe, GWAR are already intent on enslaving the human race for their own perverse appetites. However, they’ve decided to make it a bit easier on themselves and get us drunk so that we’re easy fodder. How exactly do they plan on doing that? Simple! The monstrosities have teamed up with Cigar City Brewing to release GWAR’s Impaled Ale.

Singer Oderus Urungus states, “Once again, we blow the horn of war and set into motion the gears that grind us towards the greatest GWAR B-Q yet. We will be shoving a wealth of GWAR products down your throat… not only our new GWAR B-Q sauce, but our very own beer, Impaled Ale. Eat and drink yourself into a diabetic stupor, then puke it all up in the slam pit! It’s gonna fucking rule!

Between 15 and 30 barrels are being brewed, the vast majority of which will be served at the 4th Annual GWAR B-Q, which is being held August 17th in Richmond, Virginia.

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