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[Saturday Morning Cartoons] Revisiting the Awful “Little Shop”



Saturday morning cartoons were hotter than ever in 1991, which is why there are literally a plethora of pilots and single-seasoned shows that failed to make it to a second round.

Such the case with the god awful “Little Shop,” Fox’s attempt at a cartoon based on Little Shop of Horrors, featuring Seymour and the now brunette Audrey as children.

Says Wiki, the concept of the adaptation is credited to Ellen Levy and Mark Edward Edens, and the series was produced by Tom Tataranowicz. The horror elements in previous versions of the story, in which characters are eaten by the plant, are toned down for children in this series.

We’ve added the first episode from the failed first season below for your Saturday Morning Cartoon special. Next week, we promise to get you something awesome.

Wiki explains that the show followed “self-proclaimed nerd Seymour Krelborn, an adolescent boy who works in a flower shop, keeps a pet Venus Flytrap named Junior. Junior sprouted from a 200 million year-old seed and has the ability to talk and hypnotize people. Only Seymour is aware of Junior’s abilities. The flower shop is owned by stodgy Mr. Mushnik, whose daughter Audrey is the object of Seymour’s affections. Audrey, however, does not seem to reciprocate his feelings. Buck-toothed Paine Driller, a neighborhood bully, continuously targets Seymour.

Episodes focused on the pubescent exploits of the leads and frequently featured a moral. They also featured a couple of musical numbers per episode. Consistent with the “urban” persona of the plant in the musical, Audrey Junior raps in the series during his numbers, and speaks in a hip-hop dialect. Also featured are a trio of singing flowers reminiscent of Crystal, Ronette, and Chiffon (the three chorus girls in the musical).

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