The Dual Shock 4 Controller Gets 'Diablo III'ed' - Bloody Disgusting
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The Dual Shock 4 Controller Gets ‘Diablo III’ed’



There’s no doubt that you can’t just take Diablo III and throw it on a console. It has to be carefully and gently taken over and reformed a bit. And one thing that really needs forming is the whole controller situation. Because you have a lot more possibilities with a keyboard, transferring all those key strokes to a controller takes some finesse. Since Diablo III is also coming to the Playstation 4, there is that magical new touch pad sitting so comfortably on the top of the new Dual Shock 4 controller that will also be used to make playing the game easier and more interesting. Head past the break to check out a developer diary and learn all about it. There are no console release dates yet for Diablo III.


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