All 12 'Friday The 13th' Movies Headed To Blu-ray Box Set?! - Bloody Disgusting
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All 12 ‘Friday The 13th’ Movies Headed To Blu-ray Box Set?!



Matt Serafini over at Dread Central has done some ace detective work in regard to a potential Friday The 13th Blu-ray Box-set.

It all went down at the WB Shop Facebook Page and started back in February when the admin there noted, “there should be some news for Jason fans later in the year.” Then, on Tuesday, another fan followed up saying they wanted “Friday The 13th 1-8 On Blu Ray” for Christmas. The shop’s official reply? “You might get that and more if Santa is good to ya.

It’s worth noting that now WB owns the home video rights for all 12 Jason films. It’s not the worst conclusion to jump to. If you can tell me off the top of your head which movie the pic of Jason above is from, you’re gonna want this in your life.