[E3 2013] Del Toro Is Interested In A 'Pacific Rim' Video Game! - Bloody Disgusting
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[E3 2013] Del Toro Is Interested In A ‘Pacific Rim’ Video Game!



Director Guillermo Del Toro — an avid gamer — expressed some interest in creating a video game adaptation of his latest film, ‘Pacific Rim’, at a Qualcomm-sponsored E3 screening earlier this week.

“We are thinking if, God willing, the movie connects with an audience to create a game properly and take proper time, three years minimum, to create a video game that can expand the world,” he said. “When you think about other mediums, the mistake Hollywood makes, I think, is to think of these things as a concept that was 1980s, which was ancillary product. In reality, however modest the multimedia thing may be, it should be trans-media.”

Gargantuan mechs battling giant monsters? I can’t imagine that will translate well to the realm of video games! I haven’t seen the film, but I am more than okay with this, so long as he gives us InSANE first.

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