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There’s A Big ‘Dead Island’ Sale On Steam Right Now



Craving some sweet, sweet zombie whoopassery? If you are, Steam has you covered with their Dead Island weekend sale, which sees the original game dropped to $4.99 (from $19.99) and its pseudo-sequel Riptide down to $19.99 (from $39.99). For the latter, the Fashion Victim and Survivor packs have also seen price cuts, if you’re into costumes and a super hot machete.

Both great games, and certainly a worthy way to spend your weekend. Who goes outside during the summer, anyway? Anyone who does is basically begging for cancer. I think I’ll stay at home with my Cheetos. If I’m going to get cancer, it’s going to be after consuming an unhealthy amount of artificial cheesy goodness, not from spending too much time in the sun.

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