[Random Cool] "Dexter" Breaks Records As Fans Eat A Life-Sized "Dexter" Cake! It's Super Gross... - Bloody Disgusting
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[Random Cool] “Dexter” Breaks Records As Fans Eat A Life-Sized “Dexter” Cake! It’s Super Gross…



The eighth and final season premiere of “Dexter”, which premiered Sunday night, continued to break records, ranking as the series’ highest-rated premiere ever, a record which the show continues to break season after season.

“Dexter’s” debut last night delivered 2.5 million viewers at 9 p.m., up four percent vs. its season seven premiere (2.4 million). The series delivered 3.2 million viewers for the night, up five percent versus season seven (3.04 million). In seasons past, 64 percent of viewers tuned in to “Dexter” after its Sunday 9 p.m. episode – watching replays, via DVR, On Demand and authenticated viewing.

But we all knew that was coming, so let’s celebrate the beginning of the end with a life-sized “Dexter” cake!

Courtesy of Miss Cakehead, and discovered by a Dexter fan site, FOX UK sliced into a creepily authentic full-sized “Dexter” cake, created by food artist Annabel de Vetten.

Inspired by the name of Dexter’s boat – A Slice of Life – the cake was 5ft 10” long, the same height as Michael C. Hall, the actor who has played Dexter for the past eight years. The entire cake took over 100 hours to make and weighed over 105 kilograms. 24 eggs, 25 kilograms of flour, 16 kilograms of buttercream, 18 kilograms of sugar, 20 kilograms of sugar paste and marzipan, and 15 kilograms of buttercream were used in the creation of the edible masterpiece. 20 blood oranges were also used, the cake flavour inspired by the iconic titles of the series.

A Dexter ‘kill room’ was created for the cutting of the cake, the kitchen walls covered in plastic sheeting. Replicating Dexter’s kill technique, the cake was initially cut by a knife being plunged into the chest area before being sliced up. The cake was also ‘dressed’ in clothes to give an authentic appearance, with hours spent on adding fine attention to detail such as stubble.

Watch the premiere episode online, right here, right now.


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