Rafael Albuquerque Joins Jeff Lemire On 'Animal Man'! - Bloody Disgusting
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Rafael Albuquerque Joins Jeff Lemire On ‘Animal Man’!



The L.A. Times reports that artist Rafael Albuquerque, known for his work with Scott Snyder on “American Vampire”, has signed on as artist for Jeff Lemire’s “Animal Man”. Screw journalistic integrity, I’m squealing like a little girl! Of all modern comics artist, there are few who I would rather see take on Buddy Baker and his family. Don’t fret, he’s still on board with “American Vampire”. Albuquerque is set to take over art duties beginning with “Animal Man” #24 in October.

“‘Animal Man’ is a book that’s very close to my heart,” Lemire said in a statement. “Since we launched the series as part of the New 52, I’ve been blessed to work with two incredible talents in Travel Foreman and Steve Pugh, and now I get to collaborate with one of my favorite artists, and favorite people, in Rafael.”

“Also, for AV fans! Don’t worry. Everything is on track,” Albuquerque said on Twitter.


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