Here's A Really Cool Fan-Made 'Jurassic Park IV' Teaser Poster - Bloody Disgusting
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Here’s A Really Cool Fan-Made ‘Jurassic Park IV’ Teaser Poster



Anyone can create a poster, print it, hang it on their wall and take a snapshot, which is why half the Web was fooled into posting about this super sweet fan-made teaser poster for Universal Pictures’ Jurassic Park IV.

The poster teases that “life found a way,” while displaying a mosquito trapped in amber, the foundation for the franchise’s revived dinosaurs. It’s kind of a no-brainer poster, but it’s beautiful and will would have made a bold statement in theater lobbies.

Check it out below. The fourth film, to be helmed by Colin Trevorrow, will now hit theaters in 2015. It will allegedly be about an actual, operational theme park.


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