The Steam Summer Sale Means No 'DayZ' For At Least Another Two Weeks - Bloody Disgusting
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The Steam Summer Sale Means No ‘DayZ’ For At Least Another Two Weeks



Written by Jason Nawara, @JasonNawara

If you’re reading this on July 12th, you are knee-deep in the throes of Steam Summer Sale passion. It’s a good thing. No, it’s a great thing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with opening your wallet and letting your cash fly towards all the great games that will be on sale like doves being released from their cages on a wedding day. Or a John Woo movie. You pick.

But, like anything in life, there is a negative side to the greatness that is the Steam Summer Sale: there will be no DayZstand alone game released during that time.

Steam always schedules it’s sales during the time of year when no new games are coming out, so over the next two weeks, no new games are coming out. Hence, the sale.

Rocket, the creator of Day Z, hinted at E3 that the release of the DayZ stand alone would be coming soon, but in typical fashion, the game has been delayed further and further without nary a peep from Rocket about a release date. Now, I think it’s safe to say it will not be releasing for the next few weeks, not while the Summer Sale is going down and uplifting our souls.

So what does that mean? It means at least a few more weeks of polish, which I’m sure Rocket and Co. appreciates, and it also means millions of frustrated gamers, even if they just spread their wallets wide like the legs of a $2 hooker.

This, this is the rollercoaster of emotions we gamers have to deal with. But we endure, by god, we endure.


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