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[Comic-Con ’13] The Most Expensive Comics At Comic-Con



While we all go crazy for the big announcements to come out of Comic-Con, we sometimes forget that a lot of the con-goers are actually there to buy comics. Yeah, they still sell comics at Comic-Con, who knew? Buzz Feed reports on the two most expensive issues on the con floor, and they are worth a pretty penny to say the least. Unfortunately the article does not say who the vendor is, so you’ll have to find them yourself if you plan on dropping a few hundred thousand.

The second most expensive book is a copy of “Action Comics” #1 with a CGC grading of 5, selling for $600,000. That grading means it’s in pretty solid condition considering how old the book is. It’s worth noting that Nic Cage bought a copy of this book for $2 million a few years back, but I imagine his had a much higher CGC grade.

The most expensive book at the con is “Detective Comics” #27, which features the very first appearance of Batman. It’s going for $660,000. Unfortunately whoever took the photo doesn’t realize how important CGC grading is when it comes to these books and they cut it out of the photo, but it looks like a 6.5.

Images courtesy of Erin La Rosa from Buzz Feed.


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