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[Comic-Con ’13] Catching Up With The Makers Of ‘Starry Eyes’!



On Friday night, before the Metallica concert at Spreckles theater, I swung by the “Con Of Darkness” party to say hi to some friends. I wound up conducting an on-the-fly interview with co-directors Dennis Widmyer ann Kevin Kolsch, along with star Alex Essoe about their film Starry Eyes, coming soon from MPI’s Dark Sky Films.

Starring ingénue Alex Essoe, the horror story is being described as a contemporary take on movies such as Rosemary’s Baby. The cast is rounded out by Amanda Fuller (Cheap Thrills, Last Man Standing – ABC Television), Fabianne Therese (The Aggression Scale, John Dies At The End), Pat Healy (Cheap Thrills, Compliance, The Innkeepers), Shane Coffey (Pretty Little Liars – ABC Television), Marc Senter (Brawler, Red White & Blue), Nick Simmons and Noah Segan (Looper, Deadgirl).

Head below to some snippets from out chat (ie – the stuff I could make out from under the blaring music)!

Co-director and writer Dennis Widmyer explains the film, “It’s a horror/character study/body-horror/drama. It’s about an aspiring actress who is kind of desperate and she feels like she’s on the edge of not making it and she goes on a strange audition for a production company that turns out to be a cult. A satanic cult. They lure her in and she starts to transform physically and mentally into something horrible.

Alex Essoe, who plays the “Starry-Eyed” lead Sarah elaborates, “There’s three distinct phases that I go through. It was extremely fun and very disturbing. She’s in a place that a lot of actresses will find familiar in that you’ve put a lot into it but you might not be getting a lot back. Because she’s already an outsider, it’s more than she can take. She’s very hard on herself. She already starts off obsessive.

Co-director and writer Kevin Kolsch talks about his process with Widmyer, “We know each other very well. We know what we like and what we don’t like. A lot of times we don’t necessarily need to talk.

They just wrapped an 18 day shoot, did they get enough material? “A lot of times you have to go out and get more movie, but not here. We actually have more than we need. We have a 130 minute rough cut we want to cut down a lot [laughs].


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