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‘F.E.A.R.’ Goes Free-to-Play With ‘F.E.A.R. Online’



I have mixed thoughts on this, but before I get into it, let’s dive into the actual news.

The next entry in the FEAR horror franchise will be a free-to-play multiplayer game, developed by Koean-based Inplay Interactive for Windows PC. Weird, right? The game will focus on the multiplayer modes from past games in the series, like Soul King. More after the break.

Similar to FEAR 3 — which had a multiplayer I lovedFEAR Online’s multiplayer will center around squad-based combat with teams of four players battling human and inhuman enemies.

Despite only offering a multiplayer mode, the game will have a story that runs parallel to the events in FEAR 2: Project Origin.

“We are thrilled to present the next entry in one of the most popular horror franchises of the last decade,” said Aeria Games’ vice president of PC games Tom Nichols in a press statement. “FEAR Online will bring back the tense, heart-pounding action that the series is known for and make it accessible to a huge online community of competitive players.” publisher Aeria Games announced today.

I love the FEAR franchise, I really do. The series has seen its share of hits and misses, but even the latest game, FEAR 3, was one I really enjoyed playing, despite being largely void of any real scares.

I’m glad the series is seeing a new game in the form of FEAR Online, and I’m definitely happy to see the series try new things. The multiplayer has evolved into something I actually enjoy playing, to the point where I played the co-op modes in FEAR 3 more than the campaign. That said, I’m afraid this could be a step back for the series. If this new entry doesn’t find an audience, I feel like this could be the beginning of the end for a fantastic horror franchise.

Or it could help the brand find a new audience so we can get the game we all really want: FEAR 4.

If you’re interested in this, you can sign up here.

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