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Astoundingly Gory ‘Wither’ Dated For Home Video



Artsploitation Films, the rising American film distribution company, continues to deliver edgy international movies to North American audiences with its first-ever horror release, a Swedish tribute to Sam Raimi’s horror classic, Evil Dead.

Sonny Laguna and Tommy Wiklund’s Wither is a bloody, scary tale of demonic possession. “ A group of naive young people find their carefree weekend in an isolated country house unhinged when one of them accidentally unleashes a mysterious and murderous creature trapped in the basement. As the demon begins to attack the couples, the blood-dredged body count mounts and with it, more creatures out for a taste of human flesh, freshly killed. The dazed young men and women soon mount their own desperate counter-attack, an attack that includes decapitations, dismemberment, spurting blood, flailing axes and the kind of gore one does associate with Swedish cinema!

Artsploitation’s release of Wither, will arrive on DVD for the first time ever on August 20. The DVD extras include a fully illustrated eight page booklet, a deleted scene and a behind- the-scenes look at the making of the film.


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