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[DVD Review] ‘Saturday Morning Mystery’ Is Goofball Gore



Saturday Morning Mystery takes the basic idea of Scooby Doo and throws it into the middle of a goofball slasher film. Drugs, sex and gore replace more innocent aspects of the cartoon series in the film directed by Spencer Parsons. Nancy heads a failing paranormal investigation quartet (quintet if you include the dog) that takes on the exploration a dilapidated old mansion, in desperation. The need for cash outweighs the fact that Satanists that sacrificed their children may have once resided in said mansion. Of course, spooky things actually begin to happen, the gang begins to split apart to either have sex or do drugs, and in the end, what was originally thought to be the cause of activity in the house is actually more confusingly complex.

For the story it is telling, Saturday Morning Mystery more or less works, though it has flaws. The pacing remains consistent throughout the twisted tale, and while there may be moments where the intent seems lost, the film usually gets right back on track. Ashley Spillers is adorable as Nancy. Easily the best performance in the film, she is convincing in her homage to Velma from Scooby Doo. Actually, bringing each of the characters to life with their own tweaks is executed well, yet most of the actors definitely appear to be acting. The main flaw of Saturday Morning Mystery is that while it does move gallantly along, it never really seems clear as to where exactly it is heading. Yes, we get to an ending, but it is so filled with gore that it seems almost a bit unnecessary and just way to display inexpensive effects.

The DVD for Saturday Morning Mystery is simple. Since the movie takes place at night, in the dark of the abandoned house, the film appears murky most of the time. The only special feature is a trailer. The original title of the film was Saturday Morning Massacre which actually works a lot better as Mystery makes it sound even closer to a Scooby Doo parody. There are references to the cartoon, of course, with the characters each being a tribute of sorts, but the film deviates from mystery into massacre almost too soon to constitute the title change. Saturday Morning Mystery tries to uniquely execute tying in a beloved cartoon, but falls more closely into goofy slasher territory with its overwhelming mix of routine gore. Even with the flaws, it is a trying take on the concept.


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