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Chucky Is Coming To Mobile In ‘Chucky: Slash & Dash’



Today, developer Slimstown Studios announced their next game, an endless runner — think Temple Run, only with less temples and more murder — featuring everyone’s favorite stab-happy doll, Chucky. It’s called Chucky: Slash & Dash, and it will soon be slice its way to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices. Read on for its teaser debut!

In Chucky: Slash & Dash you get the chance to step into the red sneakers of Chucky himself, as he runs through a Good Guy doll factory using his arsenal of murder toys — expanded to include a knife, cleaver, screwdriver and hatchet — to eliminate every soul who’s unfortunate enough to get in his way. In case you’re wondering, yes, there will be acid pools.

No word yet on a release date, other than a nebulous coming soon!

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