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[OMFG] The Wendy’s 1989 Training Video Rap Is Amazing



It’s Friday, it’s been a long week, and this video is absolutely hilarious. Therefore, this completely unrelated to horror video is brought to you by the 1989 Wendy’s training video that featured a full blown rap song that instructed new hires on how to properly grill a hamburger. Yes, it’s as ridiculous, outlandish, and insane as it sounds. It’s also pretty amazing just how much they put into the video, considering that only a select few would see it. Did Wendy’s honestly believe that this would make the new hires think, “Damn! Wendy’s is pretty amazing for putting together this rap song! They are seriously hip and I am proud to be a burger flipper for them!”? I’m going to take a profound leap of faith and say no. I’m willing to bet that the number of eyes rolled is about…no, scratch that…it’s EXACTLY the same amount of people that were hired in at that time.

No matter what, it’s a video that is well worth watching because of just how damn hilarious it is. And what better way is there to start off a Friday than by a full, hearty laugh?

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