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[BD Review] Evan Says ‘Gravity’ Is Terrifying, Inspiring and Human…



It’s an extreme rarity for a film to land a perfect score here on Bloody Disgusting – for me personally, it needs to stand on repeat viewing to earn such a bold score.

Evan Dickson returned from a screening of Warner Bros. Pictures’ Gravity – starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock – completely shaken up, and rattled deep in his core. From the sound of his review, what we have on our hands in a modern sci-fi masterpiece. Hey, if James Cameron was marveled by it, I expect to have my mind blown when it’s released in theaters October 4.

“Gravity is without question the most visceral experience I’ve had in a theater this year,” says Dickson in his review, further adding that “It’s also downright horrifying.

Beyond being inspiring, terrifying and expertly accomplished, Gravity is profoundly empathetic and human,” he adds. “[Director Alfonso] Cuarón has made the rare space epic that almost everyone will be able relate to.

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