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Twiztid’s Jamie Madrox Reviews Tom Morello’s ‘Orchid’ Volume 1



Jamie Madrox, one half of the Twiztid hip hop duo, is gearing up to review a whole load of Dark Horse books. We’ve got his first review of Tom Morello’s “Orchid” right here at Bloody-disgusting.

From Jamie Madrox:

The first comic title I chose to read and review from Dark Horse was Orchid written by Tom Morello, with art by Scott Hepburn, and color by Dan Jackson.

A compelling tale of a post apocalyptic world inhabited by a dictator (Wolfe) who rules with a legion of soldiers versus The Bridge People who are depicted as a meek and unsavory lot comprised of vagrants, prostitutes and rebels.

There is a colorful cast of characters complete with the central character in my opinion being the mask of General China, rumored to possess incredible power bestowed only when worn by a saint and instant death to all else who attempt to wear it and are deemed unworthy.

Tom Morello’s Rage Against The Machine / Nightwatchman writing is really well done, I had no idea that he was so talented at story telling as he is at music. I was taken back and amazed as the story unfolded. This story (Orchid) needs to be made into a blockbuster movie! 2 thumbs up and can’t wait to read more of his work!

And as for Scott Hepburn (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic) I already knew his art was awesome, but in this particular story it played such an important part to laying out the visual forground of this post apocalyptic world, the characters within, and the mutation of animals and hybrid creatures, it’s as if his art is breathing life into each word straight out of Morello’s story.


jAMIE Madrox

Pick up Orchid Volume 1 from Dark Horse Digital for $6.99 here.


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