BT And Seamless Remix Celldweller's "Unshakeable" - Bloody Disgusting
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BT And Seamless Remix Celldweller’s “Unshakeable”



The mix of metal and dubstep is a really tricky blend that can go horribly wrong with much greater ease than it can go right. However, Celldweller‘s “Unshakeable”, which comes from 2012’s Wish Upon A Blackstar, is that rare song that not only gets it right but it flat out knocks it right out of the park (seriously, listen to the song and try not to get pumped when the “drops” hit). And I must not be the only one who thought so as Grammy-nominated EDM musician BT has teamed up with Seamless to remix the track, giving it a much more electronic feel.

Listen to the remix below and then snag it on iTunes!

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