A Potential 'Sleepaway Camp' Remake Is Waiting To Reveal Itself!! - Bloody Disgusting
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A Potential ‘Sleepaway Camp’ Remake Is Waiting To Reveal Itself!!



Now this is interesting! A remake – and new franchise – of Sleepaway Camp might be around the corner! It’s also encouraging that Jeff Katz (the former New Line exec who helped bring Freddy Vs. Jason into focus) is involved, that guy seems to be passionate about horror and doing things the right way.

Per Deadline he’s “optioned remake rights from the original movie’s trio of makers and rights holders: Writer/director-turned-lawyer Robert Hiltzik, producer Michele Tatosian, and actress Felissa Rose, who starred in the 1983 pic as Angela, the bullied teen protagonist whose summer turns into a bloodbath when a killer begins offing campers.

Hiltzik, Tatosian and Rose will produce alongside Katz, who apparently “aims to reboot the Sleepaway Camp mythos in a modern setting with a new film series that echoes its legacy and the psychosexual elements that made the first pic such a memorable cult favorite.

That last sentence is the most encouraging of all! Let’s hope they can find a studio (or independent financier) that will let them keep it that way! More as this develops.