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New Genre Doc Asks, “Why Horror?”



Why are we fascinated by horror? Why do some of us love to scream and get scared out of our mind… while the rest of us cringe and recoil? It’s time to get our hands bloody and find out.

In Why Horror?, a new feature-length documentary set to premiere in October 2014, horror journalist Tal Zimerman brings his years of passion and expertise to the big screen. Through examinations of other cultures, the media, science, and the psychology of horror worldwide, Tal’s purpose is simple: to understand why we love to be scared.

Why do I not only subject myself to multiple shocking sights and sounds, but why do I thrive on it?” asks Tal, an actor/comedian/part-time zombie. “Isn’t this stuff supposed to repulse me? With all the real-life tragedy in the world, why would anyone want to escape to the world of horror?

Produced, directed, and edited by the award-winning team of Rob Lindsay and Nicolas Kleiman, Why Horror? is the first-ever documentary of its kind, with unparalleled access to the world’s most influential horror masters – including such genre-defining creators as John Carpenter, George A. Romero, Steve Niles, and Eli Roth – and unequaled scope as we travel the world to find out why horror succeeds everywhere.

And in an unprecedented move, the final stage of fundraising for this irreverent, much-anticipated documentary comes to life today – Wednesday, October 9 – at with the launch of Why Horror?’s “31 Days of Horror” campaign, running until Friday, November 8, 2013.

Contributors to the Why Horror? Kickstarter fundraising campaign will be able to access Tal and our filmmakers, suggest ideas for the film, and even become a part of the documentary themselves, with an incredible array of exciting perks and rewards for the various contribution levels.

This documentary is a way to connect horror lovers, film buffs, sociologists… everybody can come together with a different interest in this project,” explains Tal. “We’re offering ourselves up to the community in a way nobody has attempted before. We just hope we make it out alive!

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