[AFM '13] First Look At Eric Roberts' Starrer 'Project Solitude: Buried Alive' - Bloody Disgusting
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[AFM ’13] First Look At Eric Roberts’ Starrer ‘Project Solitude: Buried Alive’



Directed by Rustin Branaman, here’s the first stills and sales art for Project Solitude: Buried Alive, starring Vanessa Lee Evigan, Michelle Belegrin, David Frye, Stacy Stas, and Eric Roberts.

A small group goes into the deep winter woods for a science project run by John Sola, testing human’s survival instincts. But to their horror, this soon becomes more than just an academic question. One the campers disappears along with their van, their only way back to civilization. Then, their only cell phone can’t get any reception in the remote area. Suspicion mounts as the survivors fend for their lives.

Get the art, trailer and images below.


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