[Question of the Week] What One Superpower Would You Want To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse? - Bloody Disgusting
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[Question of the Week] What One Superpower Would You Want To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?



It’s question time! We’re back with another question of the week and this time, we dive into the post-apocalypse to find out which superpower would be most useful during a zombie outbrak. But you only get one power! Don’t be greedy! Give us your answer in the comics section… We like when readers are smarter than us.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What one superpower would you want to survive the zombie apocalypse?

Lonmonster: The power to be Rick Grimes.

Bree Ogden: To rightfully and specifically answer this question, I’d have to go with the ability to fly. I think that would solve a lot of issues. Need some food but don’t have a weapon to fend off the hoards of zombies? Fly over them. Problem solved. But honestly…I wouldn’t WANT to survive the zombie apocalypse. Whenever I read an apocalyptic book or comic, or watch The Walking Dead, I always think, “Why the hell are you trying so hard to survive? What is ultimately in it for you? I don’t think your situation is getting any better. Like… ever.” I’m not a pessimist, just a realist. So maybe I should change my superpower to: being-able-to-die-really-quickly-and-painlessly-once-the-apocalypse-begins.

Jorge Solis: Super speed! You know like The Flash. If these are slow zombies, they can’t catch you. And if you’re dealing with hyper zombies, you’re still faster than them. You can save people in the nick of time, if you want to be that person in the zombie apocalypse.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Brady: Manoman, great minds THINK alike! My first 2 thoughts WERE Flight and Speed. My next one was healing but that seems like an easy-out for this debate. So, I thought a little longer and came up with the BEST one: Resurrection Man! The ability to resurrect one’s self AND gain new powers after each time? BEST POWER EVER. I win this debate NOW! GAME OVER. Thanks for coming out.

Green Basterd: So many choices!! Ahhh just one? Can’t I just be Superman or Martian Manhunter and win everything? I would probably choose flight or speed because they’re the most practical but fuck being practical. Lets go with elemental manipulation. I could use my earth abilities to create a fortress for humanity, fire can incinerate any potential zombie threat, water will feed life into my co-survivors and air manipulation would allow me to fly. Chalk up another one for the GreenBasterd.

Shadow Jayd: Regenerative healing powers, as well as the ability to fly, would be ideal in a zombie apocalypse situation! Though generally, I’ve always entertained the thought of acquiring an evolved ability similar to empathic mimicry, wherein I could manifest the abilities of other superhumans within proximity and retain them indefinitely. Obviously a greedy choice, but I crave power!

Big J: Adamantium claws

Jimbus_Christ: The ability to stop and start time. What zombie apocalypse? I do as I please in the infinite expanse of frozen time.

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