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An ‘Enormous’ Update About That New Giant Monster Movie!



Daniel Cheggour’s “Enormous” takes place “in the midst of a planetary battle for food and fuel, a vast ecological cataclysm spawns “the enormous,” massive beasts unlike anything ever witnessed. Humankind struggles to stave off extinction.

It was revealed back on October 9 that Producer Adrian Askarieh and Andre Ovredal, the Norwegian director of Trollhunter, are teaming up to tackle a transmedia adaptation of the monster apocalyptic comic published by Image.

With giant monster movies being all the rage, Godzilla Fans Universe caught up with Daniel, who offered an update on the adaptation.

Here’s what I know and I’m at liberty to share,” Daniel tells the site. “‘Enormous’ is being actively adapted for the screen. Producer Adrian Askarieh’s Prime Universe Films is heavily involved. The first step he took was to recruit writer-director André Øvredal of Trollhunter – which made me swoon.

I’ve seen several treatments and scripts to date,” he continues. “They are fantastic, in keeping with the spirit of the story established in the One Shot while building smartly upon the world of Enormous. For our part, Mehdi Cheggour (artist) and I have contributed a wealth of development materials to the production, including some fresh designs on the creatures. And both Adrian and André have been wonderful with concern to seeking our input or sharing information.

Askarieh and Ovredal also plan on creating a high-end digital Web series, a TV show and a feature film in a bid to tell the enormous “Enormous” story and explore how humans react and cope with survival from multiple points of views and from multiple settings around the planet.