2013 BLACK FRIDAY CHOPPING LIST: FILMS & TV! - Bloody Disgusting
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Yep! It’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving is on Thursday, which means dutiful consumers are already preparing for the Holiday Shopping Season. If you think you’re exempt from that, think again. Either you know a fellow horror fan (or family member) in need, or you want something for yourself! You can take this as advice for what to buy, or what to ask for.

This first installment is all about movies and TV. From big box sets to essential individual titles, there’s something for every horror-giver and recipient alike. Some of this stuff is on the expensive side and some of it is dirt cheap, and it’s all just a click away from being at your doorstep (and in someone’s stocking).

Head inside to find that special something for that special someone.

Friday The 13th: The Complete CollectionBlu-ray

List Price: $129.95 (currently $89.99 at Best Buy)

Even though this box finally gets all of the Friday The 13th films (including Freddy Vs. Jason and the 2009 remake) on Blu-ray in one place, this was a controversial release because of what it didn’t have. Namely a bunch of new special features and director’s cuts. So yeah, there’s no directors cuts. True. That’s a bummer. But it’s still nice to have all of the F13 films on Blu together in one place. I’m very glad I have this item (and if you’re holding out for the unrated cut of New Blood you’ll be waiting a while. That ain’t never gonna happen since they can’t find the footage.

Order here.

Crystal Lake MemoriesBlu-ray

List Price: List Price: $29.95 (currently $18.99 at Amazon)

If you liked Never Sleep Again you’ll friggin’ LOVE this guy (well, I suppose it helps if you like Friday The 13th. Over 6 hours long, this thing is a beast that will both inform you and reinvigorate your love for the franchise. Don’t worry, the goofy opening sketch is only a few minutes in and they don’t revisit it too often.

Order here.

Halloween (35th Anniversary Edition)Blu-ray

List Price: List Price: $34.99 (currently $19.46 at Amazon)

An all new transfer that apparently improves vastly on the old one? A host of new special features including a new commentary? What’s not to love? If you have a Halloween fan in your life, chances are they’re a completist and will want the best available version of the film.

Order here.

Night Of The Comet (Collector’s Edition)Blu-ray

List Price: List Price: $29.93 (currently $24.99 at Amazon)

You’re going to be seeing a lot of stuff from Shout Factory on this list because they’ve been knocking it out of the park all year long. This is one of my personal favorites though, and I’m glad it’s getting a chance to shine. If you’ve got a horror fan in your life who loves Valley Girl but who hasn’t seen this for some reason, grab it for them. You CAN have fun with the apocalypse!

Order here.

The Amityville Horror TrilogyBlu-ray

List Price: List Price: $69.97 (currently $41.39 at Amazon)

Another great Shout Factory release! I kind of have always felt that these films were a bit goofy, but even I’m tempted to pick up this set. And for those that actually love the movies? No brainer.

Order here.


List Price: List Price: $29.98 (currently $10.96 at Amazon)

One of the very best horror films of the year and the first of two “Editor’s Choice” picks you’ll be seeing on this list. I love this demented perfume-y first person POV experience. It’s a brutal film, and very effective. Almost the Drive of horror in terms of atmosphere. It’s also like 66% percent off so grab it now!

Order here.


List Price: List Price: $29.98 (currently $11.98 at Amazon)

The second “Editor’s Choice” film on the list. I love this movie. They do so much more on a shoestring budget than most horror films get away with using 10 times as much money. It effortlessly takes some of the most inventive kills of the year and marries them to a genuinely fun, fast paced story.

Order here.

Hannibal: Season OneBlu-ray

List Price: List Price: $39.97 (currently $24.98 at Amazon)

This is an incredible show. If anyone you know hasn’t seen it, pick this up for them. It’s fantastic and it will prepare them for the 2nd season (which we’re incredibly lucky to be getting). Visually this show is such a thing of beauty that going the extra mile for the Blu is totally justified. It looks much, much better than even the HD broadcast.

Order here.

The Vincent Price CollectionBlu-ray

List Price: List Price: $79.97 (currently $61.93 at Amazon)

Yet another Shout Factory entry! The Pit And The Pendulum, The Masque Of Red Death, The Haunted Palace, The Fall Of The House Of Usher, The Abominable Dr. Phibes and Witchfinder General are all collected here with various commentaries and historical ephemera.

Order here.

Chucky: The Complete CollectionBlu-ray

List Price: List Price: $84.98 (currently $49.99 at Amazon)

The obvious choice if you’ve got a huge Chucky fan in the family. This set includes all of the films, including the brand new Curse Of Chucky. There are also a decent amount of special features and you get to trace the killer doll’s arc from killer to comedian and back!
Order here.

American Horror Story: AsylumBlu-ray

List Price: List Price: $59.99 (currently $34.99 at Amazon)

Not quite as great as “Murder House” or “Coven” but this is still incredibly entertaining stuff if you’re not beholden to things like internal logic. Definitely a good deal for enthusiasts of the randomly perverse.
Order here.

The Walking Dead (Season Three): Limited EditionBlu-ray

List Price: List Price: $149.99 (currently $94.96 at Amazon)

I haven’t been keeping up with the show, but I’m obviously in the minority. Given the viewership of “The Walking Dead”, chances are VERY high you know someone who loves it. Even if you don’t, this thing is so popular it’s an excusable gift for white elephant exchanges – with the cool recreation of the Governor’s head tank it’ll get snatched up quick!

Order here.

The ConjuringBlu-ray

List Price: List Price: $35.99 (currently $24.99 at Amazon)

The biggest horror hit of the year, you can’t go wrong with this (unless everyone you’re buying it for already has it). A fantastic movie with such broad appeal I bet there are several people in your family who would want it.

Order here.

The Exorcist: 40th Anniversary EditionBlu-ray

List Price: List Price: $49.99 (currently $34.96 at Amazon)

One of the best horror movies of all time. Both versions of it! Plus more special features than you can sprinkle holy water on (including a chilling interview with the real-life priest from the story Blatty’s book was based on).

Order here.