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Is Sony Turning ‘The Last Of Us’ Into A Movie?



Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us is already one of the PlayStation 3’s most cinematic video games, but for Sony, that may not be enough. It looks like they may be planning a full-on movie adaptation, as and were both registered by online brand protection agency MarkMonitor using a Sony Pictures address.

This could be an early step in getting the ball rolling on adapting one of the PS3’s greatest games — and arguably one of the best games ever — into a movie, or it could just be Sony’s way of protecting their IP, should they decide to take the movie route down the road.

It wouldn’t be surprising if The Last of Us saw an adaptation, seeing as it’s already one of the console’s biggest sellers, fueled in part by the stellar critical acclaim it’s received since its release. That includes a review from our very own Vikki Blake, who gave it our first perfect score and said it’s “This is immersive interactive storytelling at it’s incredible, terrifying best.”

If you haven’t played the game yet, there’s almost definitely a Game of the Year edition on the way — we just have to wait for that DLC to arrive.