[Remember This?] Roger Corman Gets In On The 'Gremlins' Craze With 'Munchies'! - Bloody Disgusting
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[Remember This?] Roger Corman Gets In On The ‘Gremlins’ Craze With ‘Munchies’!



Gremlins came out of their cocoon in 1984. Ghoulies came down the pipe in 1985. Critters landed in 1986. By 1987 it was time for Roger Corman to get in on the action and bring his low budget brand of anarchy to the tiny creature feature in the form of Munchies.

When I first saw this movie on cable TV in the late 80’s or early 90’s, I of course had no idea who Corman was. I was aware of Piranha and Little Shop Of Horrors but not of the common thread that strung those films (and seemingly hundreds of thrifty others) together.

In hindsight, it’s easy to see the business machinations that brought Munchies to the screen (thought I’m not entirely sure it got a theatrical release – the info on IMDBpro is vague and the title is non-existent on BOM), but as a kid I was pretty enthralled with it. I didn’t care how many tiny monster movies there were, I wanted to watch ALL of them. Munchies was further assured a place in my heart by hinging part of its plot on a toxic Cheez-Wiz derivative named “Cheese Squeeze.”

Everything else is kind of fuzzy (no pun intended). I remember there being an element of healthy sexuality to the film that was largely absent, at least in the un-punished variety, in the other tiny creature movies of its day. I also remember the movie losing steam during some kind of climax at a power plant. Sometimes I consider giving the film another spin, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t match up to my memory of it. Besides, I’ve got less than 50 years left on this planet and visiting something I’m fairly sure will disappoint me is an increasingly unsavory proposition.