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[BEST & WORST ‘13] Top 3 Comic Book Artists of 2013



This year was, unquestionably, a beautiful success in the world of visually stunning comic book art. The sheer amount of gorgeously illustrated, and intensely inspiring, works being created by insanely talented individuals seemed to be at a remarkable high. So, the idea of choosing just a few artists to represent this year’s “Best” could seem like an excruciatingly trying task, given the myriad of admirable choices available. Fortunately, the process couldn’t have been more simple and painless, and the artists chosen couldn’t be more deserving.

Ranked for the sake of competition and good old heated discussion, here’s my list for this year’s Top 3 Comic Book Artists of 2013.

Lonmonster (Best) | Jimbus_Christ (Best Debut Issues) | Jorge Solis (Best) | Shadow Jayd (Best Covers) | GreenBasterd (Best) | Brady (Best OGNs/Ongoings) | Bree Ogden (Best Kills)

3. Fiona Staples

It should be no surprise to see Fiona Staples on a “Best Artist” list, considering the widely positive reception she’s garnered for the critically acclaimed and outstanding work she’s been dishing out for Brian K. Vaughan’s “Saga”. The book, which is published by Image Comics, has been accumulating an impressive mantle of accolades and industry-wide recognition in the past year. From a British Fantasy Award, a Hugo Award, 2 Eisner Awards, and 6 whopping Harvey Awards—including one for “Best Artist” and “Best Colourist”, Staples has more than earned her place on this list.

Her imaginative and unparalleled character designs, along with the visually compelling universe she’s crafted, has won fandom’s hearts, and made her distinguishably unique style undoubtedly recognizable and wholeheartedly adored. From dazzling covers that are fantastic enough to be framed, to striking interiors that engage and emote effectively, her work effortlessly speaks volumes of elegance and colourful flair. If this past year is any indication for what to expect from the likes of Fiona Staples and her creative genius, next year will be absolutely promising.

2. J.H. Williams III

Having already established himself as one of today’s most talented and highly praised comic book artists in the industry, J. H. Williams III has been relentlessly adding to his award-winning, and illustrious, repertoire with critically acclaimed titles such as “Batwoman” and now, Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman: Overture”. For the better part of 2013, he had continued making waves on the shelves with what was, arguably, the most artistically sound series on the market — referring to “Batwoman”, of course — before sadly deciding to detach himself from the book due to creative/editorial differences in October. Nevertheless, his brilliant work reaped nominations for this year’s Eisner and GLAAD Media Awards for “Best Cover Artist” and “Outstanding Comic Book”, respectfully.

With an exceptional knack for visual storytelling that lends itself to any genre of titles, Williams never seems to delivers anything less than excellence. More often than not, people will expectedly get lost in his beautifully envisioned panels of eccentric and unconventionally laid out artwork, because his mastery of his craft is just that bloody good. It’s no wonder an artist of his caliber was sought out by the incomparable Neil Gaiman, to illustratively helm one of the most iconic comic book series this era has ever seen. There’s no doubt that J.H. Williams III will continue to be one of the most sought out comic book artists in the New Year.

1. Menton3

With appreciative recognition and glowing acclamation that continues to burn in our unworthy souls, Bloody-Disgusting is thrilled to announce this year’s pick for Comic Book Artist of 2013: the unmatchable Menton3! The amount of love the community has for this humble czar of horror art and prose is undeniably expected, given the transcendent—and sublimely transformative—artwork he’s been gracing the public with.

2013 was a marvellously productive year for Menton3, with the released of critically acclaimed titles like “Lust” with Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith, “Transfusion” with Steve Niles, and his current solo project, “The Memory Collectors”. All visually stunning, all painted masterpieces. There’s just something about his artwork that produces such a slow-burning, visual experience when taking his artistry in. It’s like every page needs to be breathed in and worshipped reverently, because what he’s offering is more than just panels in a comic book. It’s a delicately intimate relationship between you and the artist, and that’s something extraordinary.

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