[Exclusive] Brutal Alien Abduction Horror 'Almost Human' Gets A Release Date! - Bloody Disgusting
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[Exclusive] Brutal Alien Abduction Horror ‘Almost Human’ Gets A Release Date!



I’m a big fan of Joe Begos’ Almost Human, it’s a great alien abduction horror film with a remarkably economic narrative. A big problem with first time writer/directors is that they normally want to throw every idea and line of dialogue they’ve ever had into the movie – that’s not the case at all here. It’s a movie that operates solely on stuff that needs to be in the film. That doesn’t mean it’s spare or boring though, in fact it’s pretty epic (especially considering its 50K budget).

Anyway I’m excited for you guys to see this movie – which is why I’m pretty stoked that we can exclusively announce that IFC Midnight will be releasing the film on VOD and in select theaters on February 21st! Franky, that’s a bit sooner than I was expecting, which is a good thing.

Check out the great announcement poster the Almost Human team put together and earmark your iTunes/VOD or theatrical experience for 1 week after Valentine’s Day.