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Check This Band Out: Apey & The Pea



A band that was recently sent to me to check out is Budapest, Hungary’s doom/sludge rockers Apey & The Pea. What caught my attention was that they were described as a solid mix of grunge rockers Alice In Chains with some serious bursts of Pantera and Down riffs. I checked out the guys by watching their video for “Judas”, which uses footage from the 1922 Swedish/Danish silent horror film Häxan, and was digging the hell out it, so that’s why I’m bringing it to you!

Direct from the press release: Founded in 2009, in Budapest, the band was originally known as “Remembering The Steel” — merely a Pantera tribute band. Somewhere along the way, the trio began to smoke, jam and write the songs that would later become Apey & The Pea..

Head on below to check out their video for “Judas” and then head over to their Bandcamp to snag a copy of their album Devil’s Nectar.

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