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6 Eerily Beautiful Songs



One of the many aspects about horror that I fall in love with over and over again is just how beautiful it can often be. Meticulous attention is paid to the lighting, the gore, the music… The full mise-en-scène, if you will. Films like Suspiria, Pan’s Labyrinth, Se7en, Oldboy, The Shining, and many more rank amongst movies that always capture my attention not only for the horror but also because they’re just so beautiful to look at, even with all the death and violence.

It’s with that attitude in mind that I wanted to bring a list of songs that I feel had the same kind of impact, that same eeriness yet beauty. So, join me below to hear 6 Eerily Beautiful Songs!

A Perfect Circle – “Orestes”

In Greek mythology, Orestes avenges his father’s murder by slaying his mother, hence “…sever this umbilical residue that’s keeping me from killing you…“.

Hearing Maynard James Keenan gently croon these lyrics over heavily effected guitars lends itself to the eeriness while still producing almost heart-aching beauty. I stand by this song being my favorite on Mer De Noms. It also builds wonderfully, each section drawing upon the previous to create a dynamic journey.

Porcupine Tree – “Heartattack In A Lay-By”

A man is dying from a heartattack in a lay-by and, not knowing that he is dying, feels regret over his actions from the past hours, days, whatever… He is dying and all he can think of his wife. It’s the last line of the song that sends chills up and down my spine, because I know it’s just simply not possible: “We’ll grow old together

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