[OMFG] This Blu Art For Scream Factory's Upcoming 'Sleepaway Camp' Release! - Bloody Disgusting
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[OMFG] This Blu Art For Scream Factory’s Upcoming ‘Sleepaway Camp’ Release!



Nice! Scream Factory is releasing Sleepaway Camp on Blu-ray May 21st, 2014 and they’ve just unleashed the art! In keeping with SF tradition, it’s magnificent.

Per their Facebook pageThis original interpretation comes to us from artist Nathan Thomas Milliner (The Burning, Day of the Dead) and is officially approved from the Director of the film, Robert Hiltzik. (He was also directly involved in the creative process.)

In standard Scream Factory practice, “the original theatrical key art (the knife-in-the-sneaker one you all know)” will be included on the reverse side of the slip.

Extras will be announced closer to release. Pre-orders will start early next month in which a limited edition 18″ x 24″ poster of the art will be available.