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[Sundance ’14 Review] ‘The Raid 2’ One of the Best Action Films of All Time!



Republished for today’s theatrical release.

After kicking all my teeth out at the 2012 TIFF with The Raid, director Gareth Evans returned to Indonesia for the hotly anticipated The Raid 2, which features a 100+ day shoot that allegedly embarrasses stomps on the faces of modern action filmmakers. It’s so good that it will make even adults reenact their favorite scenes in the theater lobby…

Remember those days as a teenager when you’d leave an action film so exhilarated, you’d start exchanging air jabs with your best friend in the theater lobby? The Raid 2: Berandal is that movie,” Ryan Daley says in his review out of the Sundance Film Festival.

Simply imagine a crime movie as deeply layered as The Departed or Goodfellas and then add some of the most viscerally thrilling martial arts to ever hit the screen. That, in a nutshell, is The Raid 2.

[It’s] one of the best action films of all time,” he adds of the film also hitting theaters March 28 via Sony Classics.

Get the entire review at either link above, and enjoy the ass-kicking new theatrical trailer below!