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[Exclusive] Hellbenders’ Braz Torres Shares His Top 5 Brazilian Action/Thrillers



Brazilian rock n roll band Hellbenders are gearing up to make their way to the States for some SXSW shows to promote their new album Brand New Fear. And one of the things the band wants to bring with them is some Brazilian badassery! That’s why guitarist Braz Torres has put together a list of 5 must see Brazilian action/thrillers that he feels are perfect for the Bloody-Disgusting audience! Check out the list below.

Cidade de Deus (City of God – 2002) – A Brazilian must see. Maybe one of the most exported Brazilian movies of all time. It’s about two boys that grow up in a violent neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro and take different paths: one becomes a photographer and the other a drug dealer.

Tropa de Elite (Elite Squad – 2008) – Elite Squad is a 2007 is a semi-fictional account of the Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais (BOPE), the Special Police Operations Squad of the Rio de Janeiro Military Police, analogous to the American SWAT teams. It involves most of City of God’s innovative approach on political corruption and social issues (like the favelas).

Carandiru (2003) – Carandiru tells some of the stories that occurred in Carandiru Penitentiary, which was the biggest prison in Latin America. The story culminates with the 1992 massacre where 111 prisoners were killed, 102 by Police. The film was the last thing for which the prison was used before it was demolished in 2002, one year before the release of the film.

Última Parada 174 (Last Stop 174 – 2008) – The film relates a fictionalized account of the life of Sandro Rosa do Nascimento, a street kid in Rio de Janeiro that survived the Candelaria massacre, and in 2000 hijacked a bus.

Dois Coelhos (Two Rabbits – 2012) – The film features innovations that were not common in Brazilian films, including explosions, animations, elaborate special effects and pop culture references. The film also features a non-linear narrative leading to an unexpected finale. The only one on the list that was made an action film by option, and not because it is telling a violent story. Cool movie, tough.

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