Review: “X-Files Season 10” # 9 - Bloody Disgusting
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Review: “X-Files Season 10” # 9



This month’s “X-Files Season 10” a standalone adventure that will make your skin crawl. Harris’ script is sparse on actual details but gives the mystery of something larger than Mulder could ever fathom. Adding to the atmosphere of this haunting chapter is effective use of sound effects that brings “Chitter” to life. While Greg Scott’s art makes for one of the darkest and most horrific chapters of the book to date.

WRITTEN BY: Joe Harris
ART BY: Greg Scott
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: February 12, 2014


Let that sound sink in. Let it crawl all over your skin, and into your ears. It’s almost on every page of this issue, and the repetition manages to create an unsettling atmosphere unlike any issue that has come before. Harris revels in his concept this month. Using an insect like threat to unnerve and unsettle the reader and in turn Mulder and Scully in a case that is as strange as it is frightening.

Harris wastes no time throwing Mulder and Scully head first into the den of a supposed mad man. Small skittering creatures that have burrowed into his subconscious and won’t let him go. They torment this man. Which causes Mulder to believe he has caught a mysterious killer. This man has a tormented devotion to a higher power. A higher power that seems to desire one thing: Scully.

Things are incredibly unnerving and the plot builds to a typical X-Files crescendo in pretty short order. It’s a shame, because a plot like this could have really used a little more time to burrow under the reader’s skin. Instead things are ratcheted up to a conclusion that happens far to quickly to provide any sense of closure.

Scott’s art this month is a perfect compliment for the story. His dark panels paint the characters in shrouds of darkness. Creating a really eerie atmosphere that works tremendously with Harris’ script. The little details here, like the panels of single cockroaches or insect devouring death scenes create a real draw here. Paneling is pretty standard fare and doesn’t do much in the way of taking chances.

The voiceover narration gives the threat a little more weight and backstory in an otherwise quick issue. Sadly though it’s not enough to make all the ends meet. However, this month’s singular adventure is easily the most downright chilling tale the book has seen thus far.

Everything else that works about this series is still working. Namely the character voices are spot on. Harris really understands the dynamic between Mulder and Scully and the humor of the X-Files comes through in droves. This issue is a lot of fun, and might just chill you to your core. It just comes to an end far too quickly for its own good.

Rating 3.5/5 Skulls.


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