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‘Wolves’ Trailer Looks Like ‘Teen Wolf’ On Steroids



The first trailer has been released for Ketchup Entertainment’s newly minted Wolves, the action thriller that marks the feature directorial debut of X-Men and Watchmen scribe David Hayter.

Everything about the trailer screams “serious” Teen Wolf, which is my biggest problem with it – Wolves doesn’t look fun at all, just violent.

Written by Hayter, the film stars X-Men: First Class‘ Lucas Till, Watchmen‘s Stephen McHattie, and “Game Of Thrones‘” Jason Momoa. Merritt Patterson and John Pyper-Ferguson round out the cast.

Till plays a high school student who witnesses the brutal murder of his parents, and finds himself turning into a savage wolf. He is thrust between two warring wolf packs fighting for control of Lupine Ridge.

The film will be released this summer.

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