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A Wonderfully Candid Rob Zombie Says He’s Returning To Horror!



Bloody Disgusting reader ‘Travis E.’ just tipped me off to this absolutely fantastic interview with Rob Zombie. While it’s brief, it’s shockingly honest, and reveals quite a bit about the shock rocker-turned-horror director.

Before we get into the meat of the interview, there’s some news on his next project, which will be horror-themed. While he said he was done with the genre, he had an idea that brought him back…

I was working on this thing called Broad Street Bullies, which was a hockey film, but that got put on the backburner because something else popped up,” he told 3 News. “I think it’s something fans of the other stuff will like. Probably fans of The Devil’s Rejects will enjoy the most. It’s not connected to that film but it’s more on that headspace.

What’s truly interesting is Zombie’s shocking confession – that’s he’s kind of burnt out of horror. “Now, I don’t even know if I like it as much as I used to,” he revealed, “as I spend so much time doing it, that if I actually sat down to watch a movie that would probably be the last thing I’d choose to watch!

I can actually sympathize with this as writing about horror 365 days a year for 13 years makes you occasionally want to sit down and watch a comedy, but horror is still always pulsing in my veins, hence Zombie’s return to the genre.

Continuing with his confessions, Zombie also reveals (openly for the first, I believe) that he perceives House of 1,000 Corpses as a failure. “The first film [I directed], which people seems to love, is just a calamitous mess. Well, when it came out it seemed like everyone hated it. Now everyone acts like it’s beloved in some way. All I see is flaw, upon flaw, upon flaw… upon flaw.

Zombie opens up quite a bit more in the interview, which can be read in full by clicking here. THIS is the Rob Zombie I love, and I hope he keeps this honest, fierce and focused face going forward.