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Would You Eat Celebrity Meat?!



Have you guys seen Antiviral, Brandon Cronenberg’s psychotic futuristic thriller in which Caleb Landry Jones buys and sells cloned celebrity meat? It’s seriously fucked up – and awesome (read my review).

What if this became a reality? Would you taste a celebs cloned meat, and if so, whose?

Bloody reader ‘Iain W.’ just tipped us off to to Bite Labs, a new meat company that is prepping this reality and will offer food inspired by celebs such as Kanye West, James Franco and Jennifer Lawrence. Creepy.

Explains the site: “We start with top-quality ingredients, and time-honored recipes for the creation of fine cured meats. We mix celebrity and animal meats, grown in house through a proprietary culturing process, into curated salami blends. Starting with biopsied myoblast cells, we grow our healthy, rich, meats in Bite Labs’ own bioreactors.

Our process yields high-quality, luxury protein, in a sustainable manner that eliminates the environmental and ethical concerns associated with traditional livestock production.

In this interview with one of the founders, “Kevin,” he explains that they “are working full time on this” and are “100 percent serious in prompting widespread discussion about bioethics, lab-grown meats, and celebrity culture—this is very important to us. Making celebrity meat a reality from there will all depend on our ability to build a user-base.”

I guess if I were some sort of psycho, and had to pick a celebrity to “taste”, I’d choose Michael Jordan to absorb his greatness (à la Ravenous).