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[Exclusive] 10 Songs That Should Be Horror Movie Villain Themes



While many horror movies have incredible scores that resonate and vibrate our very bones every time we hear them, sometimes you want to know exactly how a horror villain is going to destroy his/her/its prey in the most metal way possible. That thought process also crossed the minds of Australian industrial metal band Our Last Enemy and they’ve been kind enough to whip up some suggestions exclusively for us! So head on down to check out their “10 Songs That Should Be Horror Movie Villain Themes”!

Make sure to pre-order their new album Pariah, which drops next Tuesday from Eclipse Records, via iTunes.

Xenomorphs (Alien series)Meshuggah – “Bleed”

The alien is a brutal and disgusting creature that will kill anything that gets in its way. Just like the unstoppable onslaught of Meshuggah’s song ‘Bleed’ from their 2008 release ‘Obzen’.

Satan (Exorcist)Lamb of God – “Walk With Me In Hell”

The opening riffs and general vibe to this song sure does give you the feeling that the shit has just hit the fan and that you are on your way to a horrible and fiery place… Hell!

Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street)Slipknot – “Prosthetics”

It’s the perfect soundtrack for an insane killer who enters your dreams and turns them into your final nightmare. Filled with samples that sound like screams and lyrics like “Even if you run, I will find you”. It’s only too fitting.

Captain Spaulding (House of 1,000 corpses)Rob Zombie – “Little Pig”

It just goes hand in hand really.

Jack Torrance (The Shining)Nine Inch Nails – “Mr. Self Destruct”

A normal guy, who’s vice’s and fragile psychology and end up leading him down a path of severe cabin fever pushed to depravity by spirits.

Tarman (Return of the Living Dead)The Misfits – “Braineaters”

Because all Tarman ever thinks about is eating BRAINS!!!

Leather Face (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)Upon A Burning Body – “Big In Texas”

No offense to Gunnar Hansen, but he a big boy!

Asami (Audition)Deftones – “Needles and Pins”

The mixture of light and shade found within most Deftones tracks fits the personality of Missa, and maybe Takashi Mike had this in mind for the final scene!

Mater Suspiriorum (Suspiria)Cradle of Filth – “Her Ghost In The Fog”

She’s invisible or in the shadows most of the time and can shriek like a banshee! And there’s the obvious connection with Dani Filth doing the song with Claudio Simonetti for Mother of Tears!

Norman Bates (Psycho)Our Last Enemy – “Devour The Sun”

The mantra of denial in a toxic codependent relationship and the world crashing down as the charade unravels seems a fitting match for Norman’s relationship with his mother. Plus we have a string sample in there we dubbed the ‘Psycho keys’. You’ll know it when you hear it.

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