[SXSW '14 Review] 'Starry Eyes' Delivers Unsparing and Brutal Violence! - Bloody Disgusting
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[SXSW ’14 Review] ‘Starry Eyes’ Delivers Unsparing and Brutal Violence!



Evan Dickson continues his coverage from the SXSW Film Festival, now taking place in Austin, Texas.

In between chowing down on some of the best BBQ in the world, Dickson is catching world premiere screenings of all of this year’s hottest genre films. Next up is the Hollywood horror tale, Starry Eyes, from distro-madmen Dark Sky Films.

Complex and layered, [Starry Eyes] definitely leaves you with more to chew on than your typical midnight fare,” Dickson says in his review. “It is also absolutely unsparing and brutal when it comes to its violence – there are moments in the film that give even the goriest slashers and body horror sagas alike a run for their money.

Even if parts of Starry Eyes might not work for you, as a horror fan I suspect most of it will.

Click either link for the entire review and more details on the film.

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