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Pixelated Horror Finds A ‘Home’ On PS4, PS Vita



Sony’s arsenal of horror games is impressive and ever-growing. They’ve scored a number of (console) exclusives, like Outlast and Zombie Studios’ procedurally generated game, Daylight. Dead Nation recently returned, this time in HD, with the Apocalypse Edition, and they also have dibs on the still very distant SOMA, a sci-fi survival horror game from Amnesia developer Frictional Games. Now they have Benjamin Rivers’ pixelated horror hit Home, too.

As for whether or not this version will come with new content, a post on the PlayStation Blog teased it as a possibility.

“Home received several updates after its original launch to add content and extra features, and everything that’s in the game is making the trek to Playstation. Will you find anything new in this version of Home? Folks who have played the game before know that you can never be sure what you’ll discover the next time you start it up; I’ll be back on the blog to discuss specifics as we tinker around a bit more.”

Keep the horror games coming, Sony.

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