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Johnny Depp’s ‘Transcendence’ A Tech-Zombie Thriller?



The term “zombie” can mean quite a few things, but ultimately it doesn’t always have to apply to horror.

Our friends at Badass Digest caught some footage of Warner Bros.’ Transcendence at the ongoing CinemaCon today, where they learned that it’s basically a techno-zombie thriller. What does that mean exactly? Well, Johnny Depp plays a reincarnated man who goes on a power trip building an army of resurrected individuals. While they aren’t rotting, they are “zombies”.

After being shot, Depp’s character has his brainwaves uploaded into the supercomputer. “Soon after waking up in his new computer body, Depp starts demanding access to more power and more information,” says the site who also adds that we’ll “see him operating on – and reviving – a dead man. But more than reviving him, the dead man is amplified, and a voice over tells us Depp is building an army. An army of zombies? That’s certainly how it seemed…”

While this does sound intriguing, I guess we’ll have to wait until April 17 to get the answer.