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Burbank Art Show Gives Tribute to John Carpenter!



Los Angeles-based readers looking for something cool to do this weekend? Show your appreciation to art, bubblegum and John Carpenter at the Hyaena Gallery in Burbank.

This weekend they put on display the “All Out of Bubblegum!” exhibit, giving homage to the works of John Carpenter.

The first haunting musical notes during the opening credits to the 1978 classic film Halloween literally send chills down your spine. You’ve just watched a six-year-old Michael Myers murder his sister, and John Carpenter’s unsettling piano melody will forever cement the association of our beloved autumn holiday with his inhuman cinematic demon. Few directors can create these lifelong memories for film fans; yet, John Carpenter has done it throughout his career, populating our awareness with his iconic heroes and villains.

From Snake Plisskin’s grunted one-liners to Jack Burton’s witty braggadocio, we are immersed and invested in these character archetypes. We are there when Christine takes care of the shitters. We are there, watching in terror, when bodies rupture and sprout tendrils in the Antarctic wasteland. We are there when Hot Rod Nada puts on the sunglasses and wakes up to reality. Writer, director, musician… John Carpenter has inspired artists of every discipline. He has taught us about storytelling, how to create suspense visually and aurally, and even about the need for humor.

The influence is evident when you look around Hyaena Gallery and see the art on our walls. The realm of dark and pop art owes a sincere thank you to John Carpenter for stirring our imagination and fears throughout the years. It is an honor, on Hyaena gallery’s eight-year anniversary, to pay tribute to a man who is not only a Master of Horror but in truth a master of craft.

All Out of Bubblegum! A Tribute to John Carpenter contains works by the following artists: Chet Zar, Clint Carney, D.W. Frydendall, James Bonner, Jeff Rebner, Mark Covell, Joe Vaux, Mick Cassidey, Char Hall, Nicolas Caesar, Wyatt Teitzel, The Creep, Lou Rusconi, Megan Kelly, Phil Joyce, Kat Philbin, Big Tasty, Adam Padilla, Donnie Green, Kyle Abernethy, Michael Kelleher, Robert Heckman, Matthew J. Levin, Stanislav, Jeremy Cross, Rannie Rodil, and more.

Can’t make it in? Click over to the site to see the art and purchase there…

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